Beyond the showroom floor
Island Impressions was originated because of the desire to provide clients with more choices in product than can be found in one showroom, or even five showrooms. Some of the most exciting materials and products that Island Impressions has discovered have been in the industrial yards and back streets of Maui and Oahu.

Strong relationships, quality work and reasonable time frame
We have established relationships with artists, wood carvers, and importers so we deal direct. The same holds true with carpet mills, window coverings, and soft goods manufacturing. Our team of professionals makes it possible to firmly commit to quality work and a reasonable time frame.

Island Impressions is constantly researching new sources, because we are committed to offer fresh ideas, and fair pricing. When you can get as close to the source as possible, you can accomplish just that!
Vintage koa slab table
Quartz pebble stone with turtle pattern  
Pots direct from Asia
Island Impressions is committed to putting our hearts into your project. We are more than just a company. we have a passion to please, and we will strive to provide you with exactly what you have in mind!

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